Quarantiny – Chapter 2 Pre-Quarantine

“We will get through it and
we will come out stronger”

We are the surrounded by the 21st Century Quarantine “Diplomacy”!

When we feel, the challenges are so huge, too overwhelming, it bears remembering that we are all on our way, journeying, and the most sincere act we can gather is to stay close and attuned to our way and stay in an intimate conversation with that way. The destination may not be as we visioned, it may be vastly different, but we are committed to finding a way, and that in itself is a mammoth gift for humanity.

I hope you and your families are well. Let us be together to face this Covid-19 crisis. I am confident, with the blessings of all mighty, we will come out of this misery as courageous fighters!

On 17 February 2020, I left Canberra for Dhaka in the midst of Corona Virus just affecting some parts of the world. Only after few weeks, it was announced as pandemic by the World Health Organisation and alerted the world about the vicious impact it may have over the human civilisation across the globe. Until 24 March, I was still working at our normal workplace in Dhaka. We had to allow people to work from home (WfH) from 25 March onwards until further instruction as the COVID-19 movement restrictions were imposed by the Government. All domestic and international flights were limited and eventually shut down.

On 6 April, I was informed that Australian High Commission is trying to organise a chartered flight with the Sri Lankan Airlines to take all Australian citizens back home on 16 April 2020. The only condition, they need at least 280 passengers to make the flight viable. I applied as a potential passenger. Two days later, I was informed that the flight was full, and they have put me on waiting. Three days later they have confirmed my seat and requested me to proceed with the payment of BDT1,65,093 for a business class seat or BDT1,03,290 for an economy class seat. I ensured my seat, got a response back from the consulate, I am on, and the e-ticket will arrive on 15 April. Finally, the ticket arrived on 16 April morning – the day of the flight!

I was ready, and already raised the point of me leaving for Australia with the Dhaka family including my mother over last few days. All were a bit nervous but happy for me to re-unite with my family in Australia.

I must reach the Airport five hours prior to the flight. Hence, I had to be there by 3:45pm to avail the flight at 8:45pm.

I tried to record all my observations since the moment I was dropped off at the airport by our long serving driver Mosharaf on 16 April 2020. I wish to continue this log until I reach to my family in Canberra – hopefully on 2 May 2020.

This is my journey through the 21st century Quarantine Diplomacy! I would like to take you all through my journey from the beginning to the end of this quarantine. A full 14 days of mandatory quarantine imposed by the Australian Government.

To be continued……………

“The feeling of loneliness, feeling of isolation is only a theory,
unless you taste it, unless you feel it first-hand without fury.”